Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is a vehicle wrap?
  • Mobile advertising at its finest let your vehicle do your marketing. We can either partially or completely cover cars or trucks with your own personalized graphics, logos and/or slogans to advertise your business.

  • Will it damage my vehicle paint?
  • With a cut-rate wrap you can never be too sure. However, in light of our partnership with 3M we can guarantee the highest quality, paint friendly materials on the market.

  • Do you design the wrap?
  • Yes Group Z has a team of designers that will work with you to help create your perfect design.

  • What is the process for wrapping a vehicle?
  • There is a 4 steps process in getting your vehicle wrapped:
    The design stage; where you’ll meet with our team of experts to develop the perfect design concept, tailored for your business.The production stage; where the graphics are printed with razor-sharp precision on our state of the equipment then laminated so it’s both durable and pliable.
    The vehicle preparation stage; which involves a deep cleaning of the vehicle’s exterior making sure the wrap can be applied in a clean, smooth fashion.
    Lastly, the installation stage; where the Group Z staff will professionally install the graphic wrap to your vehicle.

  • How long will a vehicle wrap last?
  • Vehicle wraps on average last for 3-5 years. Be good to your wrap and it will be good to you.

  • Can the wrap be removed?
  • Yes it can, but we strongly recommend using our trained professionals in doing so.

  • How do I care for my wrap?
  • Make sure to regularly wash your vehicle, and if possible always park it in shaded areas to protect it from the sun.

  • Can you print my image?
  • Yes Group Z can print almost anything you продажа и установка кондиционера в минске want

  • Why Group Z?



Our company has been using Group Z color for all of our Vehicle graphics, and lettering for our fleet of vehicles. We also use them for daily printing needs and expo banners. The staff is excellent to work with, they provide quick service with great prices. I would recommend them for all of your color graphic needs.

Anthony Gonzalez

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